Things to do in London

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In no particular order:

  1. The Four o’clock inspection
    Much less rammed than the Changing of the Guard, this time with the Household Cavalry. Red capes are Lifeguards and Blue capes are Blues and Royals.
  2. Changing the Guard
    Very busy in summer
  3. Sky Garden:
    Free access to a tall building with a garden at the top. Has to be booked in advance and you need to know the names of adults
  4. NEW: 120 Fenchurch Street Roof Garden
    Huge, spectacular and free to visit on the 16th floor. It opened on 15-Feb-2019 and is awesome. Not been tried with groups yet so probably best to contact them.
  5. London Canal Museum
  6. More London, The Scoop
    Watch something free at The Scoop. Summer entertainment program.
  7. Ride on a Thames Clipper
    Fast ferry, once they get East of Tower Bridge they go like stink down the river.
  8. Old Operating Theater Museum
    Plenty of thinks to make men and women go cross legged. pre-dates anesthetics and antiseptics
  9. Museum of London
    Largest museum in the world dedicated to a single city, free entry apart to vast majority of the museum
  10. National Gallery
    For Cubs and Beavers, read a couple of the “Katie” books as some of the paintings featured are in the gallery (Katie has adventures climbing into the pictures).
  11. National Portrait Gallery
  12. Street entertainers at Covent Garden
    Excellent free entertainment with members of the audience roped into help. Great fun and make sure you tip the entertainers.
  13. Street Entertainers on the South Bank
    Same as Covent Garden.
  14. London Eye
  15. Natural History Museum
  16. Science Museum
  17. Victoria and Albert Museum
  18. Fashion and Textile Museum
  19. Museum of Docklands
  20. The Monument
  21. Tower Bridge
  22. Bank of England Museum
    Free entry and you get to hold a real gold bar. Open Monday to Friday and special weekend openings during school holidays – check
  23. Imperial War Museum
  24. HMS Belfast
  25. Golden Hinde
  26. Roman Amphitheater
  27. Guildhall
  28. City of London Art Gallery
  29. City of London Police Museum
  30. Welcome Collection
  31. Sewing Machine Museum
    Yes, there really is one
  32. National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
  33. The Painted Hall, Greenwich
  34. Organise a visit to Westminster Hall through your MP
  35. Greenwich Observatory
  36. St Paul’s Cathedral
    Climb to the top, charge to get in
  37. St Magnus the Martyr Church
    See the model of Old London Bridge. Restricted opening hours
  38. Tower Bridge
  39. Buckingham Palace
  40. Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe
  41. London Mithraeum, City of London
    Free entry to a Roman Temple near Canon Street Station.Group tickets need to be booked in advance.