Scout Glossary

As with any organisation, there is a bewildering array of acronyms and abbreviations.

ABSLAssistant Beaver Scout LeaderAssists the Beaver Scout Leader (BSL) run the Beavers section
ACCAssistant County CommissionerHas a specific responsibility within a District, for example training or Cubs
ACSLAssistant Cub Scout LeaderAssists the Cub Scout Leader (CSL) run the Cubs section
ADCAssistant District CommissionerHas a specific responsibility within a District, for example training or Cubs
AESLAssistant Explorer Scout LeaderAssists the Explorer Scout Leader (ESL) run the Explorer group
AGMAnnual General MeetingHeld once a year to formalise the running of the Scout group
ASLAssistant Scout LeaderAssists the Scout Leader (SL) run the Scouts section
BPBaden-PowellRobert Baden Powell, later Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell, who founded the Scout Association in 1907
BPBe PreparedThe Scout motto. A Scout is always ready for anything that life throws at them
BSLBeaver Scout LeaderIn charge of the Beavers section, assisted by ABSLs
CCCounty CommissionerResponsible for all the Districts and the Groups that make them up within a county. Scout counties do not always follow national county boundaries. For example, London is made up of six Scout counties.
Chief ScoutFigure head of the UK Scout Association. Currently Bear Grylls who attends Scouting events across the country and promotes Scouting to new audiences.
CRBCriminal Records BureauPredecessor to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
CSLCub Scout LeaderIn charge of the Cubs section, assisted by ACSLs
DBSDisclosure and Barring ServiceCriminal background check for suitability of a leader to work with children, formerly called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). All adult members of the Scout Association have to complete a DBS check.
DCDistrict CommissionerResponsible for the groups within a District such as Southwark District
ESLExplorer Scout LeaderIn charge of an Explorer Group, assisted by AESLs
ExecutiveCommitte made up of leaders, helpers and parents to oversee the running of the Scout group
GilwellGilwell Park, home of the UK Scout Association and gifted to the UK Scout Association by Baden-Powell. Located in Chingford, North East of London.
GSLGroup Scout LeaderIn charge of, and responsible for, all sections within a Scout Group
MottoSee “Scout Motto”
NANNights Away NotificationForm to be filled in notifying the District Commissioner (DC) that a group of children are to go on a Scout camp.
NAPNights Away PermitEarned by a leader on completion of additional training and assessment. Qualifies them to be in charge of a camp
PORPolicy, Organisation and RulesThe governing rule book for the UK Scout Association
Scout MottoBe Prepared. A Scout is ready for anything life will throw at them
SLScout LeaderIn charge of the Scouts section, assisted by ASLs
Wood BadgePresented to a leader that has completed their Scout training