Gotcha – April Fools Day 2018 – Sponsor A Laugh

If you laughed at our April Fool about Middle Thames Street and the Local History Badge, please consider sponsoring Rod (one of our leaders) who is again running the 2018 London Marathon for 16th Bermondsey. We are an inner-city Scout Group who strive to give a great program of events and take part in our local community doing things like handing out water to the runners in the London Marathon every year (see below).

My Donate page for 16th Bermondsey

Rod’s efforts help pay our hall rent and keeps a roof over our heads. Please sponsor him and give him and reward his effort.

16th Bermondsey at the London Marathon

Every year, with the rest of the Southwark District, 16th Bermondsey hand out water at the London Marathon. It’s a long day but great fun. Check out the video below, filmed in 2013, to see us in action. There are dozens more videos on our YouTube Channel.